Seller Terms and Conditions

Seller Terms & Conditions

1.0 Seller Account

You must be 18 and above to sign up and register as a Seller. If you are a minor wishing to sell your creative works, you may do so through parent or legal guardian’s account with their supervision and permission.

Upon successful registration, you are granted access to the Seller navigation links and other Seller contents while logged-in to your “Seller Account”. In this “Seller Account”, you may edit your “Creative profile” display icon, bio, colour scheme, and also be able to manage your shop.

All Sellers will have access to their Order Overview page to keep up-to-date with their orders. Seller is also responsible to keep themselves updated with the latest news and shop updates via email & the “What’s New” page you can find under the Seller Menu.

You will bear sole responsibility to all activities that transpire under your “Seller Account”. 

2.0 Selling with Us

By agreeing to sell with Koopseni, you will grant us the license to use, display, promote, advertise, modify, reproduce, distribute and sell your creative works on your behalf for as long as you use our services.

Koopseni will fulfill your printing, production, packaging and managing your shopfront for you as part of our Service. As a fee for these services, Koopseni will take 25%-50% of net profit from the sale of each of your artwork depending on your product type.

Koopseni will also be handling all kinds of customer service and system management to ease the bridge between buyer and seller.

We reserve the right to review, give advice and revise your products based on your sales summary.

As a Seller, you can manage your shop by requesting to add, remove or give discounts to your products. All shop management requests will take 3-5 working days processing time.

Before you upload any products, be sure to follow and abide our guidelines in clause 7.0 (Intellectual Property) and 8.0 (Prohibited Items).

3.0 Fees and Payments

There is no listing or registration fee for Seller.

For every purchase of your artwork, we will deduct production cost (varies depending on item), and RM1.00 transaction fee. Koopseni will get 25%-50% cut of the net profit, and you get to enjoy up to 75% creative profit without doing anything. Refer to our Product & Pricing List for overview of price range and expected profit.

We collect and retain your financial information to transfer your payout/profit (if any) every 2 weeks on Tuesday. The payout will be transferred via Online Banking or PayPal to the bank/Paypal account registered in your registration form. We will also provide you with a sale summary or invoice for your reference.

In exceptional circumstances, should we be unable to the transfer the money as stated above, you will be notified accordingly.

We may change our payment method at any time and in such cases, will notify you.

4.0 Pricing 

The net profit ratio is 50%-75% for Seller, and 25-50% for Koopseni. Our default price range caters to our already calculated production and packaging cost. However, these may change from time to time as we are always trying to improve our services.

We may revise our pricing at any time for any reason and in such cases will notify you. 

5.0 Products

We will try to the best of our abilities to accurately produce, display images and specify each products, actual colours, design, and details according to your specification. However, the final product might vary slighlty due to numerous factors including paper materials, product finishing and others.

We request that you upload the highest resolution of your artworks to ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Currently all our products are not readily available stock – we go by preorder basis in which we process and print our products upon order confirmation and ships them out accordingly.

As we are looking for ways to expand our library of products, we may change our suppliers at any time in which it may or may not affect the production cost. In such cases, we will notify you of these changes.

5.1 Products: printing

All printing services are done in-house using dye-base ink (with archival quality) on respective paper/material offered in our Pricing Guide unless specified otherwise.

6.0 Promoting your products

Alongside with Koopseni, you are responsible to market/promote your products and shop to your audience. You are allowed to use the hyperlink/url provided to put in your social media bio.

You are also allowed to give seasonal promotions only with our approval. We will provide you with discount codes and voucher.  We have the right to decline your request of promotions without providing any justifications.

In instances of approved promotion initiated by the Seller, Koopseni will deduct the discount amount from your Seller Profit during the relevant payout.

7.0 Intellectual property

As a community of creatives, we value and take intellectual property very seriously.

As a Seller, you have every right to your content and by selling under Koopseni agrees to grant us the license to use, display, promote, advertise, modify, reproduce, distribute and sell your creative works on your behalf as part of our service as stated in the Seller’s Agreement. 

You are solely responsible for your own creative work on the website. We will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement issues.

We reserve the right to review, and/or remove your products if we find possibilities of infringement.

8.0 Prohibited items

Our platform caters to the general public. We do not accept artworks that promotes hate speech, violence, racism, or is political, abusive, vulgar, obscene, or offensive. 

We review and curate every products from sellers and we have the right to remove products that we deem as violating our prohibited items guidelines.

9.0 Privacy policy

We value your privacy. We collect your personal information strictly to provide and fulfil our services to you. To understand more on our privacy practice, please read “Seller’s Privacy Policy”.

10.0 Account Termination

We will terminate your account if prolonged inactivity remains with 0 transactions for 12 months or upon any violation of terms.

You can request to delete your account at any time and for any reason.

Upon account termination, we will immediately remove your page and all products from the website. It will take us 1 week to process your final sales and payout, if any before we confirm your departure.

11.0 Changes

We reserve the right to review, update, change or modify these Terms at any time in our sole discretion.

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