Smile for the camera, by havesomeblue

Smile for the camera, by havesomeblue

I never had a doll for most of my childhood because it creeps me out a lot. It was something about those dark rounded eyes that pierce right through your soul, as if you stared long enough, something flickers in them. It could just be my imagination, or is it? From porcelain dolls to nutcrackers to teddy bears is a no go for me. My grandmother once told me decades old story, passed down through the generations. I never wanted a doll laying around me ever since.

“I sat and stared…

For years, I watched every move you made, listened to every harsh word you directed at me. I endured the hatred. And as time passed by the cracks and holes grew larger on my once smooth, porcelain little body. Years went by and your hatred worsened, so did my demons. 

No, you said you’d love me, to have me forever by your side from the moment you got me on your 5th birthday. You had the brightest doe eyes that glimmers under the sun on your once innocent face, that was soon replaced with an expression of pure evil and malice.

My demons were quiet but never silenced. They waited patiently, stalling for that taste of freedom.

Six, thirteen, twenty-two, fifty-…

Losing count, losing insanity, losing you, losing myself.

Another one, and they finally had enough. 

Buttons look good on your eyes, covering up the evil in those cold, dark orbs.

I’ll haunt your soul and keep your body warm. For you are mine and I am yours.

You tore my heart to pieces.

And now I rejoice because yours will be the same as mine, just a little redder.

You never smile at me and that’s okay, I’ll make you smile forever.”

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