The house across the street, by

The house across the street, by

Have you met a ghost when you were younger?

When Anna and her sister were kids, their parents started getting busy with work. So, the sisters stayed with their grandparents on the weekdays in a small town called Willow Creek. They loved going around and exploring the dusty corners of the neighboring houses as no one had been living there for a while. One day, they met a girl in the house across the street. She had beautiful thick straight dark brown hair and claimed to be in her late teens, although she appeared to be considerably older.

The sisters started becoming closer to this girl, but she never told them her name, so they called her Miss Rose. The name rose felt appropriate as the house was covered in rose vines. Every day at dawn they would go to that abandoned house across their street to meet Miss Rose. Over time Miss Rose had cleaned that place up so the sisters would begin to have sleepovers there. Their grandparents didn’t seem to mind as Miss Rose was an older teen taking care of them.

 Some nights when they woke up at the crack of morning they would see a glass of warm milk on their nightstands. The old antique armchair that normally would be in the corner of the room would now be in the middle of the room next to their beds.They always assumed it was Miss Rose, who just wanted to take care of them. Hence, they felt sad putting it back in the corner of the room because they knew that she just wanted to be near them. 

Years later, long after they’d moved out of the town, Anna had been just on her way to Carrie’s house. She switched on the radio and heard about a house burned down due to a vicious fire in Willow Creek. The description of the house matched the exact house where the sister would meet Miss Rose. Anna gets agitated as she increases the volume to hear clearly. 

That’s when she realized Miss Rose was never the kind and caring young lady who looked after them. Instead, she was a 30-year old babysitter who once murdered young girls by giving them poisoned warm milk when it was bedtime as she watched them die. Anna dashes into Carrie’s house, she plays the footage for her. Even though a part of them was still in denial, they started googling the occurrence right away.

They found an article listed by the town’s local news.It was, that identical house. A snapshot of the house’s bedroom where the sisters usually slept, was included in the article. The photo included a chunk of dark brown thick hair hanging from the ceiling with a single rose on it. Underneath it was that old antique armchair at the exact same spot in the room.

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