The Prison Witch | Doctor, by Naomi Chear

The Prison Witch | Doctor, by Naomi Chear

‘You’ fainted underneath a blossom tree,
‘You’ were covered with fresh blood,
‘You’ are my family,
‘You’ are my beloved brother,
To revive ‘You’,
‘I’ had to picked up the needling instruments to feed ‘You’ with selected human parts and organs with my wicked hands.

The Nine Needles of needling instruments in acupuncture
The 1st needle
70 years old man who deserve to be blind forever,
He, who stare at me with a lustful eyes, I use the needle to poke into his eyes, Feeding ‘You’ with his eyes to wake ‘You’ up is my pleasure.

The 2nd needle
59 years old lady who deserve to seal her lip,
She, who spread the rumors like a teleport,
I use the needle to sew her lip,
Feeding ‘You’ with her lip gives me hope.

The 3rd needle
30 years old man who deserve to lose his limbs,
He, the insane who abuses his wife,
I use the needle to put him into sleep, chopping off his limbs,
Feeding ‘You’ with his limbs makes me one step closer to ‘You’.

The 4th needle
26 years old who deserve to be skinless,
She, the flirty prostitute,
I use the needle to poke and peel off her smooth skins,
Feeding ‘You’ with her skins, makes the blossom tree bloom again after 2 decades.

The 5th needle
90 years old man,
He, a lonely man lives with sorrowness,
He, knew my dad inherited wicked acupuncture to me,
He begged me to take his emptiness to wake ‘You’ up,
I use the needle to poke into his flawless heart,
Feeding ‘You’ with his loving heart,
‘Your’ red eye tearing with blood.

The 6th needle
A month old baby,
He, was abandon,
He, with a sweet smile covering in a towel,
‘You’ hide the needle quietly,
‘I’ will never let ‘You’ stop me from wicked rituals,
I use the needle to cut through his throat,
Feeding ‘You’ with his throat,
‘You’ whisper ‘누나’,

The 7th & 8th needle
9 years old twins,
They, who lives in a hatred life,
I use the needle to poke and scrap out all their organs in the garage,
‘You’ hear them cry,
Feeding ‘You’ with their organs,
Enlighten my heart.

The 9th needle,
She, your beloved childhood friend,
The Eclipse Night
Looking up to the moon,
‘I’ have killed 8 innocence with 8 needles,
In the dark, ‘You’ walk towards me,
Begging me with red tears to stop reviving ‘You’
To release her,
My heart was broken in pieces,
The deepest sorrow is living with emptiness,
No words are enough to express the pain of my soul,
‘I’ use the 9th needle to take my broken heart out for ‘You’
Now, take my pieces,
‘I’ will do all things to have ‘You’ back into my arms,
Reviving ‘You’, 현, with ‘Nine Needles’ is my greatest pleasure,
Let the red tears lives under the light,
Let the red hands lives under the darkness.

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