Vanishing Love, by Aimi Jannat & Aida Sophia

Vanishing Love, by Aimi Jannat & Aida Sophia

We were in love,
forgetting the worries of the world;
We were lovers
consumed by a language we only knew;
We were intertwined,
by our bodies whose touch could not be without the other;
We were one,
with each other completing each other’s sentences and soulmates
At least I thought we were
The change was gradual, but I didn’t see it.
The change was not instant but I saw it coming
The change was taking you away from me but I thought it was your sense of duty The change was inching to
a point of no return
I didn’t want it to happen
I didn’t want to believe that it could happen I didn’t want to accept that it will happen
And yet BOOM!
We were pulled from each in all directions Pulled from each other
Grasping for each other
Holding on to each other
Your life and my life,
used to be similar
Your life and mine,
started to differ
Your life became so different, I don’t recognise you
My life and yours,
no longer the enviable life we knew
Our lives were being torn apart. Our lives that was once one,
is only half of what it was.
Our lives of forever
is no longer there

Why couldn’t you come for me?
Why couldn’t you reach out to me?
Why did you have to stop communicating with me?
Why did you let your new life consume you to the point you don’t recognise me, nor do you recognise yourself?
I lived for you, you resonated with me We had similar struggles in life,
only we knew how to navigate through it We had similar dreams,
that we encourage each other to be that dream or even better than that We were each other’s lifeline. Each other’s buddy. Each other’s love.
But your life took you somewhere
Somewhere not many people in their lifetimes could ever fulfill
Somewhere if you are one of the lucky few Lady Luck opens the door for you
Somewhere only the invincible could that glory only few people on this earth at this moment in life could ever achieve.
I couldn’t reach you anymore
I am too scared that you are too far away
Like a purple balloon filled with helium and tied to my little pinky.
And a burst of wind blew in the second the knot came loose,
The balloon flew away higher and higher that I couldn’t hold on to you to bring you home Our lives became scattered like ashes from a cremation
A cremation of a love that was once there.
But just like death. What’s left is our memories. The beautiful memories that we made.
The love that we shared
The dreams that we believed in.
Maybe one day those memories will bring us back together again. I pray sometime soon.
Until then my love, I will let you go fly high until I no longer see you And pray someday we will meet again.

Poem By: Aida Sophia

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