When the Sun Sets, by lovurisu

When the Sun Sets, by lovurisu

Young and curious. 

Mama loved going on adventures by herself. She too, had a secret place she was peculiarly fond of.


Deep in the woods, Mama finds peace and joy. She enjoyed being alone there. But is she really?

Mama often trailed the jewel-blue stream that flows through the woods as if it was meant for her to find way to her secret place without getting lost.

On most days, the stream would lead her to an eerily mysterious area. But not on this odd day. Because what she had witnessed was instead, enchanting. It was truly… be”witching”. It felt as if she was dazed by an illusion. And by then, dusk had fallen.

On her way home, she felt darkness shadowing her. An existence of the unknown. Which came to her mind the warning her mother told her, “Jange tubek taing gorrib…”

“Oh boy. I guess it wasn’t a great time for adventures..”

*Jange tubek taing gorrib = Don’t go out at sunset

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